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Hello and welcome to Handcrafted Health, llc.  This is a private practice in holistic counseling, psychotherapy and the integrative therapies of Healing Touch and Energy Psychology. It is woman-owned and operated independently by Lucrezia Mangione, a licensed clinical professional counselor, comprehensive energy psychology practitioner, Healing Touch practitioner and instructor. Locally based in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland (MD) services are provided at The Spectrum Center for Natural Medicine and as an invited guest wellness speaker or facilitator in the DMV area and nationally.

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Holistic Healing and Health

Ready to embrace your next level of health and well-being? The therapeutic approach offered here supports you in harnessing your inner wisdom for insight, healing and proactive solutions.  Cultivate your well-being using empowering processes that help you make informed choices from a place of meaning and value about your holistic health.

Other services available are educational, interactive talks and presentations, expertise about Healing Touch and integrating it at the patient's bedside.

The collaborative approach provided here is therapeutically supportive of:


Women who help others

A woman who sees herself as deriving meaning from being in service to a compassionate calling that helps others and eases suffering. Are you a mother, daughter, sister, homemaker, caregiver, teacher, nurse, working professional, helping professional, licensed healthcare professional or healer who sees yourself as being in service to a meaningful purpose?

Women who are highly sensitive

Are you keenly attuned to your inner and outer worlds?  A highly sensitive person (HSP) is someone who perceives, senses and experiences the world around them and within themselves with an extraordinary acute level of perception. Derived from the biological trait called sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) , highly sensitive people, whether they be a man, woman or highly sensitive child, comprise about 18% of our population.  In other words, SPS is not a disorder, it is a biological trait. 

Are you a young adult woman, adult woman or elder woman who identifies with being a HSP?

Other people, too . . .

Women mostly comprise the clients who come through the doors of this holistic private practice.  That said, we receive referrals from our community network.  A small portion of this practice is made up of people who are non-gender identifying individuals, men and children.

Organizations & Integrative Care

Looking for a speaker, workshop or Healing Touch expertise? Lucrezia is passionate about her work in mental health, Healing Touch and Energy Psychology. As a speaker, she enjoys sharing with interactive participation with attendees at conferences and local talks.  She also works to advance the knowledge base about Healing Touch by working as a content expert on Healing Touch for research and integrating it at the patient's bedside.

Continuing Ed & Group Therapy

Group educational, psycho-educational and psycho-therapeutic groups are also offered:

Psycho-educational and psycho-therapeutic groups are therapeutically supportive of individuals who desire holistic counseling and are served best by receiving it in a group setting. These groups are process oriented or skills based depending on the groups that are running. 

Continuing ed and psycho-educational classes are therapeutically supportive of individuals who are life long learners who enjoy exploring their human potential through the human energy system.  These individuals have an interest in healing, stress reduction and/or desire natural health methods that support health tend. Healing Touch classes offer continuing ed credits which are useful for most people seeking CEs especially nurses, massage therapists, counselors and psychotherapists and other helping professionals, too.

Cultivating your health holistically - handcrafted health

It's been a privilege to witness people embrace their next level of well-being. Here’s a list of some goals that past clients have come to receive help for:

  • Growing self-trust and gaining self-respect
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Transforming anger to passion, sadness to gladness, confusion to clarity
  • Pain and stress reduction
  • Anxiety help
  • Depression help
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Enhancing recovery from life trauma
  • Fostering emotional intelligence and multiple intelligences
  • Working through the sudden changes and upsets of life's many transitions
  • Discovering resilience in life's transitions
  • Work-life balance
  • Compassion fatigue and secondary trauma
  • Identifying limited beliefs and exploring new possibilities
  • Discovering insight from self-exploration
  • Developing mindfulness
  • Creating a sense of well being

Of course, there are some conditions and situations that are outside of Lucrezia Mangione's scope of practice as a holistic psychotherapist, counselor and Healing Touch provider.  Please read her policy of services which lists the conditions and situations that are beyond the scope of her work.

Welcome again to a healing space where you can tap into your inner resources to help you calm and reconnect while healing your pain and cultivating your health. Since 1995, Lucrezia Mangione has been helping the helper either as a mind-body therapist, consultant or instructor. You can harness your inner wisdom even during chaos and confusion and help to change your pain to insight and healing with therapeutic mind-body proactive processes. Handcrafting your own health at Handcrafted Health.  Ready?

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