Holistic Counseling

Holistic counseling is for your whole-person; your mind, your body, your heart and your connection to something greater than you, for some it’s called your spirit.

Have a deep desire to heal?

The work offered here is best suited for those who are committed to their healing.  Healing is a therapeutic and dynamic process of change. Commitment to yourself is essential in order to participate in the deeper inner work of facing your challenges and your suffering in order to heal and grow holistically in body-mind-heart-spirit. The therapeutic process can be deeply transformative, profoundly personal and self-empowering.  Commitment to your healing journey is key.

Services & conditions of Holistic Counseling

I mainly work with women who are highly sensitive, empathetic and/or have sensory processing sensitivity.  They may be caregivers or household managers or in a helping profession or in various jobs or professions.  They live life with a keen depth of feeling and sensitivity:

  • they have experienced difficult events and/or illness and are dealing with social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties as a result.
  • they are experiencing life transitions: managing the stress, anxiety, life decisions, grief and loss that are a part of life changing.
  • they have unhealthy habits: health behaviors that affect self-care and well-care; helping a woman to be proactive in caring for her own self and others in her life.

Please note that even though I work largely with women, I do receive referrals for and work, at times with children, adolescents, men, transgender and non-gender individuals.  As always, I continue to be inclusive and an ally to the LGBTQ community, people of all colors, cultures and faiths.

There are some situations and conditions that I am unable to treat because they require more than I have available in my private practice. Please read about those conditions and situations that are outside the scope of my practice here.

Here are the services I do provide.  Use the links for further info.

  • Individual counseling therapy: face to face sessions
  • Energy psychology therapy: stand-alone sessions or integrated with a session as warranted
  • Healing Touch energy therapy: stand-alone sessions or integrated with a session as warranted
  • Support group: a skills-focused group about a common theme
  • Psychotherapy group: a process-oriented group about a common issue
  • Counseling online: video-conference online counseling for Maryland residents only
  • Phone counseling: phone counseling when video is not available for Maryland residents only

A little about my therapeutic style and orientation . . .

. . .Because it can be a starting place for you to explore and see if you feel we could work together collaboratively in helping you with your counseling aims.  It’s about being collaborative.  You’re the expert on you. In our work you share, disclose your aims and aspirations so that I can listen, hear, learn in order to help you tap your strengths to help with your blind spots that are holding you back from the hopes, needs and desires you want in your life. Together, we work as a team to help you identify goals, transform your pain and stress and hopefully become empowered to move through and change into your next level of health.

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