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A few words from past clients 

People benefit from Healing Touch, Energy Psychology and holistic counseling. Health is a creative journey handcrafted by you.  Below, in their own words, are past clients testimonials about their creative journey of self healing. Keep in mind due to the nature of this work and privacy, permission has been received. Most names have been changed on the request of past clients. For other past clients, they've given their permission to use their names.

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After 10 energy psychotherapy sessions with Lucrezia I have a much clearer vision for my life. She helped me improve upon goals of feeling more grounded, increasing my self-esteem and self-worth, and learning how to see life through my own lens. Lucrezia showed me how to physically release my tension . . . and how to ground myself and discover my higher purpose . . .  Lucrezia is a wonderfully skilled therapist . . .  [and] has opened my eyes to a world of infinite possibilities . . . ! Karen B., Maryland

Over the past 2 years I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Lucrezia to encourage a focused shift in my life.  Each visit has held different needs.  I felt fully listened to . . . I was encouraged to be present and a part of the process in any way.  After a session I would feel more calm, clear, grounded, and excited to incorporate tools given to further help a shift occur.  What I have learned and experienced has been life changing and healing for myself and then to others.  My life would not be the same without these shared moments.  The journey continues and this work will surely be a part.  I highly recommend Lucrezia . . . for anyone hoping to move toward a fuller life and being.
Be well, Samantha I., LMBT

I came to Lucrezia for help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had little experience with bio-energy therapy but something in me was drawn to the idea of Healing Touch.  I've had a difficult time getting the support I needed from doctors, so it was so wonderful to be greeted by Lucrezia's instant warmth and understanding.  After my sessions I have felt a self-awareness and a deep-seated peace unlike anything I've ever experienced. I have also begun to feel energy, slowing but steadily, beginning to flow through my body again. Lucrezia has helped me negotiate the difficult territory of illness and begin to heal and find peace within my body. I am so thankful I found her. Elena R.

Upon meeting Lucrezia I had been suffering from chronic migraines for a period of 6 years. The migraines were unique, in that they came on at the same time every day, generally in the morning from 9 am until just after 12 pm. During high school they could be so debilitating that I would have to go back home in the morning and then return in the afternoon to finish classes, during the weekends they would wake me up- luckily. In college I adjusted my schedule so that my classes would not interfere.  I tried cranial-sacral therapy and various lifestyle changes: getting more sleep, moving to different altitudes and I experimented with cutting sugar and caffeine out of my diet.  None of them were helpful but I found if I do have caffeine or sugar I do get headaches.  They are a trigger but not the cause so I've still continued to cut them out.  But they weren't they underlying issue.

Sometimes I had Advil but not the weekend I met Lucrezia.  When I saw her it was actually during a break for a Healing Touch class that I was participating in. I was suffering from a migraine at the time and asked her if she could do some work on me- anything, to relieve some of the symptoms which I was experiencing.

Since my session with Lucrezia two years ago, I have not had a single migraine. I do, from time to time still get headaches but they are nothing like before.  They typically are a result of too little sleep or caffeine.

I was happy with the instant relief that I experienced as soon as Lucrezia began working on me. My pain subsided and congestion was lifted. Also, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and peace.  Also additional were decreased anxiety, lessened stress and reduced pain.

I recommend Lucrezia's work . . . Yes, being free of my migraines has changed my life. I am so grateful to be pain-free and enjoy my mornings again! Sophie A., RN, CHTP

Testimonials from students 

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Testimonials by nurses

  • Insight: I feel like I have been doing healing touch with my patients without knowing. Take away: I can take care of myself better in order to take care of my patients.
  • Every RN should experience these techniques as an requirement!
  • This should be part of the standard curriculum for all nursing students. A truly amazing experience!
  • What a wonderful way to re-invent my self and patient care! Thank you so much.
  • Came in a skeptic, but believe it will help complete myself and my work with patients
  • I will recommend program to my colleagues
  • I will use on my patients for I see the beneficial aspect
  • Great experience. Can't wait to apply it to our patients
  • Take away: Healing presence and intent is easily incorporated in to all interactions.
  • Take away: One of the best tools I have in my tool box for people who are in pain. Aha: So many people to share this gift with - patients, family, coworkers.

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