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Page updated 11-29-2017

Holistic therapy and counseling is supportive for many individuals. It may help you calm your mind-body senses. It may provide a way nurture your spirit through self-care and self-compassion. It may create an opportunity for you to deepen your self-understanding in order to return to feeling more centered in what's meaningful to you.

Welcome. Handcrafted Health, llc. is a healing space for adults, the highly sensitive, for caregivers, for helpers and wellness driven organizations who value the caring-healing relationship. It’s holistic therapy and counseling for mind body health. It's also wellness talks, presentations and classes for holistic education and consultations for research.

You feel, notice and reflect on things deeply 


Our world and your life constantly change. How you respond can come with emotional ups and downs that are intense. You notice more than others. You feel and reflect on things deeply.

You’re naturally empathetic. You’re attuned to your surroundings like the lights, sounds, space and people in it. Your co-workers, friends and family and the commitments you’ve made to them are very much in your awareness, too. This makes you creative and productive, thoughtful and attentive.  These qualities you have are innately good and positive. They are your gifts and strengths.

You want to feel centered & balanced

You want to live in balance and be in sync. Even so sometimes you can get overwhelmed. You feel sand-blasted, fatigued and tired. Just to cope, sometimes you may binge watch or emotionally eat or more. Underneath it all you’re still aware that you feel down or anxious or you keep thinking about your thinking, and it can be exhausting.

There are moments you feel misunderstood or perhaps unheard. You just need a little more time to share than the average person.  Sometimes, you even feel like you’re different.

Lucrezia Mangione, LCPC NCC CHTP/I DCEP

You're led by your heart. It's your calling.

A soft place to land would be nice. Like a healing place where you can reconnect to your inner source of strength while cultivating some resiliency. Holistic therapy and counseling for mind, body, spirit healing may be a way to help you bootstrap your strengths. It may potentially be a path of rediscovering a stable ground where feeling centered again and standing in what’s meaningful for you emerges. Perhaps it's some balance, remembering your truth or returning home to being heart-centered, again.

You deserve to feel calm and centered, well and happy, too. Finding a good-fit therapeutic relationship is important. Being in a caring space to safely face your distress, reclaim some inner strengths, and gain insight may bring relief. Holistic therapy can potentially support you in your journey of handcrafting your health and cultivating more self-awareness.

Services for holistic therapy

Holistic Counseling for Sensitives

“I want to create calm, nurture my sensitive soul & feel more peace.”

Holistic Counseling for Caregivers

“I want to reduce compassion fatigue, cultivate my vitality & self-care & reconnect to my calling.”

Continuing Ed & Group therapy

“I want to be with others committed to empowering personal development & mind body spirit healing.

Conference planner, Ed Coordinator,
Health Admin, Groups, Researcher

“I need a wellness speaker, class, or Healing Touch expert for learning, research or integrating HT at the bedside, chair or table.”

Scope of work

Hello. That's me on the right. I'm a real person. I love doing what I do & working with people who suffer from stress and those individuals who are highly sensitive (HSP), caregivers, helpers and health care professionals and providers. I'm a licensed professional counselor who is also a holistic mind-body therapist, consultant, presenter and instructor.

I also know the limits of what I can do. There are some conditions and situations outside of my scope of practice and the work I do.  Please read my policy of services which lists these conditions and situations.

Keep in mind this website, Handcrafted Health, is an informational place to learn about my work and services.  The material on this site is not intended for you or anyone to self-diagnose or use as a substitute for medical or psychological advice and/or treatment. Please contact a professional directly. See my disclaimer for more info.

Cultivating your health holistically - handcrafted health

Thank you for your time. Let me know if you want to see whether we're a good fit and if you're ready to receive support and work towards creating more calm and feelings of connection through holistic therapy and counseling.  Holistic counseling and holistic therapy may be supportive in transforming your pain to insight through supporting your mind, body, spirit healing. It’s about cultivating your health and it’s handcrafted by you.

By the way, if you want to learn more about who I am click here.