Created for Midge: 03-25-2018

Hi Midge,

This sitemap is created just for you

It contains links to all pages on Handcrafted Health's website. It's divided into 2 sections: Pages you've audited and New pages you haven't audited.

All your recommended legal changes have been made pages audited and implemented into the new pages. In some cases, like big paragraphs of content that you provided, legal content/suggested edits where placed 1-3 sentences below or above your suggested insertion for a better user experience.

There's a new navigation bar on my site which delineates between the 2 practices. If you want to see it, here's the home page link.

Moving forward: I have a few more things to do on this site, then I'll move to the new site which will eventually house the wellness coaching & integrative health & healing classes.  (That probably won't go live until the fall at earliest, at this point.) I feel what you've helped me to create is a solid transition site and the best we can do given my practice.

I had to create some new pages as well. I've added them here, too for my own reference and perhaps your future review.

Let me know your thoughts about the audited pages.



AUDITED by Midge

WHAT'S NEW & not audited by Midge