Energy Health Coaching

Page updated: 1-21-2018

Energy health coaching may be for you if your mind-body health is feeling:

  • stuck or blocked
  • tied up and in a tizzy
  • out-of-balance or off-kilter or beside your self
  • overwhelmed & stressed
  • more nervous than usual
  • more moody than usual

Or your energy

  • is low or drained
  • is challenged with personal boundaries

Or your energy is affected by

  • Lyme disease, migraines or other chronic health situations

What is energy health coaching?

  1. It's coaching focused on your human energy system to rebalance, reconnect and re-center. 
  2. It’s done through a creative process that can be insightful. It can enhance your personal and professional potential.
  3. The aim is to work on a goal, identify proactive solutions, develop skills and well-care strategies that help you meet that goal. 
  4. Energy health coaching is targeted, typically short-term and focused on empowerment.

I use energy balancing, Healing Touch, Energy Psychology, EFT and mind-body practices when coaching people.  Here are a few people's experiences with energy health coaching.

Easing physical pain

Open quotes

Upon meeting Lucrezia I had been suffering from chronic migraines for a period of 6 years. The migraines were unique, in that they came on at the same time every day, generally in the morning from 9 am until just after 12 pm. During high school they could be so debilitating that I would have to go back home in the morning and then return in the afternoon to finish classes, during the weekends they would wake me up- luckily. In college I adjusted my schedule so that my classes would not interfere.  I tried cranial-sacral therapy and various lifestyle changes: getting more sleep, moving to different altitudes and I experimented with cutting sugar and caffeine out of my diet.  None of them were helpful but I found if I do have caffeine or sugar I do get headaches.  They are a trigger but not the cause so I've still continued to cut them out.  But they weren't they underlying issue.

Sometimes I had Advil but not the weekend I met Lucrezia.  When I saw her it was actually during a break for a Healing Touch class that I was participating in.

I was suffering from a migraine at the time and asked her if she could do some work on me- anything, to relieve some of the symptoms which I was experiencing.

Since my session with Lucrezia two years ago, I have not had a single migraine. I do, from time to time still get headaches but they are nothing like before.  They typically are a result of too little sleep or caffeine.

I was happy with the instant relief that I experienced as soon as Lucrezia began working on me. My pain subsided and congestion was lifted. Also, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and peace.  Also additional were decreased anxiety, lessened stress and reduced pain.

I recommend Lucrezia's work . . . Yes, being free of my migraines has changed my life. I am so grateful to be pain-free and enjoy my mornings again! ~ Energy Health Coaching Testimonial from a Nurse ~

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I came to Lucrezia for help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had little experience with bio-energy therapy but something in me was drawn to the idea of Healing Touch.  I've had a difficult time getting the support I needed from doctors, so it was so wonderful to be greeted by Lucrezia's instant warmth and understanding.  After my sessions I have felt a self-awareness and a deep-seated peace unlike anything I've ever experienced. I have also begun to feel energy, slowing but steadily, beginning to flow through my body again. Lucrezia has helped me negotiate the difficult territory of illness and begin to heal and find peace within my body. I am so thankful I found her. ~ Energy Health Coaching Testimonial from a Curator ~

A Healing Touch hand hold

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When each cell of your body is filled with overflowing divine grace, you know you’re either in deep meditation, or being loved by the Healing Touch energy work of Lucrezia Mangione.  Together, practitioner and client build a field of grace through which all beings may benefit.  When I come out of a session with Lucrezia, I feel refreshed, revitalized, and at ease with the world around me.  She’s even taught me some of the HT methods to use on myself and on family and friends… just recently, a friend of mine healed her foot surgery in three weeks: that’s half of the six week period predicted by her doctor.  In Lucrezia’s practice, I see a sound method of healing and invoking full health practiced by a fully qualified professional.

In the past few years, I’ve encountered several personal injuries, the worst of which being a car accident.  After a fall or traumatic injury, I find Lucrezia’s work to be stabilizing: an excellent form for immediately rebuilding one’s physical and energetic frame within its inherent wholeness.  Injuries usually heal in half the time predicted by allopathic medical professionals. ~ Energy Health Coaching Testimonial from a Professional~

Reducing anxiety

Free Phone Consult

It's important to work with a counselor who's a good fit for you. I offer a free 10-minute call to explore the best steps forward.  Schedule a call.

Emergency Numbers

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call:

  • 911
  • 240-777-4000: Crisis Hotline, Montgomery County, MD
  • 800-422-0009: Maryland state-wide Crisis Hotline
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline website
Open quotes

Lucrezia, I just wanted to let you know that the protection tips you gave on Thursday night resonated wonderfully for me. It seems in all the reading, coaching, introspective work I've done, these were the most simple and practical tips for my needs. I am quite sure that my anxiety in the past has been simply a matter of me not understanding how to selectively tune-in my energy. I'm really beginning to understand how to be selective about the vibes I want to tune into, and subsequently, watching their profound power unfold and unfurl leaves me speechless, awestruck, and grateful. I am noticing many little shifts in all parts of my life as I realize there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge...Enjoy your weekend... ~Energy Health Coaching Testimonial from a Writer & Presenter~

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I have worked with Lucrezia three times. Each time after working with Lucrezia I leave her office with a shot of turbo healing. I have been practicing and exploring personal growth modalities for twenty years and I can say confidently that Lucrezia is one of my spiritual conduits to healing. This is special because as a 45 year old woman I can count on one hand the people who have provided a profound healing element in my life.

Lucrezia has a gift to share with those who are ready to take their consciousness to the next level. For me, she has directed me in the direction I have needed to go the most to achieve more freedom in my life with significantly reduced suffering.   Thank you Lucrezia!  Warmly,  ~ Energy Health Coaching Testimonial from a Life Coach~

Soothing Lyme disease discomfort

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After my first treatment, I left her office feeling absolutely marvelous. For me that was great. I am a Lyme disease survivor and my nervous system was damaged by this disease. I had chills all the time, severe panic attacks and depression. I spent most of time in the house and sick...I have continued my treatments with Lu and now I am happy to say I have come along way...I now go out driving in the car, I go visiting, I go shopping, out to eat, all with no *fear*. But the biggest thing is I *FEEL GREAT!* I am living again. ~ Energy Health Coaching Testimonial from a Household Manager~

If you’re feeling like you’re not having a positive mind-body experience, I can help.
With the help of phone & video technology, I coach and consult with clients near and far.
Using energy balancing, Healing Touch, Energy Psychology, EFT and mind-body practices when coaching people in getting:

  • unstuck
  • unwound
  • unblocked &
  • unburdened

so they can feel renewed and experience their next level vitality and mind-body health.

Here's some more about Healing Touch and Energy Psychology for your reading pleasure.

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