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Insurance questions answered

Page updated 04-08-2018

The process by which you have made the decision to reach out and get the support you need is deeply personal and private.  Having the financial means within your budget is the next step.  This page is meant to provide you with what you need to know about the financial commitment to make an informed decision about receiving the professional support you need and desire. 

I'm a participating provider in these CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield networks:

  • Preferred Provider (PPO)
  • BlueChoice Provider (HMO)

That said, counseling is only reimbursable with certain plans and there are a lot of plans.  To find out if your plan-policy covers it, please check with your insurance plan to see if mental health services are covered for individual and group therapy. This means calling or logging in online with CareFirst to check your policy. Scroll down to the codes section on this page and use them to refer to when checking your plan's coverage.

The details below are what you will need when you speak with your company.  I am considered an out-of-network provider except with CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield where I'm considered in-network.

If you have different health insurance through another company, please read on for further information about possible reimbursement. What does this mean?  This means that when you contact any other company besides CareFirst, they will likely ask you for my name. When they look it up, they will see I am not on the “list” of approved providers. (For CareFirst, I'll be on that "list" of approved providers if your plan covers mental health.)  Sometimes if you have “out-of-network” services on your plan like on a PPO, then my services, mental health services, are covered.

Free Phone Consult

It's important to work with a counselor who's a good fit for you. I offer a free 10-minute call to explore the best steps forward.  Schedule a call.

Emergency Numbers

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call:

  • 911
  • 240-777-4000: Crisis Hotline, Montgomery County, MD
  • 800-422-0009: Maryland state-wide Crisis Hotline
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline website

Ask about these CPT codes:

If mental health services are covered, ask about the following CPT codes to see exactly what your policy covers for each service.  All of these codes will likely not apply to you.  That said, I recommend checking all the codes so you can make an educated and informed decision. In this way you can enter into therapy to do your inner work with a clear mind that’s erased any potential financial surprises.

  • 90791 for initial consultation and diagnostic evaluation
  • 90837 Individual psychotherapy, 55 minutes
  • 90834 Individual psychotherapy, 45 minutes
  • 90832 Individual psychotherapy, 25 minutes
  • 90853 Group psychotherapy
  • 90839 Crisis – 60 minutes
  • 90840 Crisis – 30 minutes
  • 99354 Companion code
  • 99355 Companion code

Superbills & other non-insurance options

For all insurance companies (except members covered by CareFirst BCBS) if you are covered for services (out-of-network benefits), a superbill will be given when services are completed.  You will need submit your superbill statement for possible reimbursement. I do not submit.  I will provide you with the superbill statement, which is essentially your receipt of attending a session and your payment. You can use it to seek your possible reimbursement with your insurance plan-policy.

If your policy does not cover mental health services, then you may still have other options. Some clients use their Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for counseling.  What is a health savings account? What is a flexible spending account? The details of these questions are outside my area of expertise.  I recommend that you learn more about them by doing some research and speaking to a qualified financial expert.

I hope this page has offered some help in providing answers and clarity.  Money and the ability to pay can be a barrier to getting the help you need if you let it. It doesn’t have to be. There are counseling resources available for every budget. Let me know if I can answer further questions.

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