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Healing-caring relationship

Page updated 05-02-2018

Integrative health consulting for your organization's educational training or events:  professional speaking, training, content expertise & experience in integrating Healing Touch at the patient's bedside

I'm passionate about creating environments where people experience the power of the healing-caring relationship. I'm ardent about sharing mind-body practices that can empower caregivers, family members and health professionals of all kinds.

I'm also dedicated to supporting nurses & health care professionals in renewing a connection to their compassionate nature. Reconnecting them to their innate compassion within and constructively impacting their self-care and care of others in their professional work.

I am certified in a number of innovative energy-based coaching and self-help methods that are designed to restore the balance of energy within the body, mind, and spirit of an individual. Please be advised I do not diagnose, treat, or manage psychological disorders in my consulting practice and only provide services as Integrative Health Consultant.

Please read my disclaimer.

Integrative health: how can I help?

I'm here to understand the needs of your group or organization and discover how I can support you.  Get in touch if you’re:

  • Looking for a professional speaker or educator who can provide a well-organized, positive and interactive experience for participants.
  • Searching for an educator who‘s an experienced trainer who can facilitate an uplifting experiential class of mind body practices like healing touch, self-care, caregiver stress, mental health and the mind-body connection.
  • Looking for professional presenters and speakers for your conference or convention. Perhaps you are planning activities for the spouses of your attendees?
  • An integrative health center or hospital or clinic and wish to integrate evidence-supported mind-body practices, like Healing Touch, at the center or patient bedside or the counseling chair.
  • Looking for an experienced content expert for research on Healing Touch.

Lucrezia Mangione presenting a Healing Touch training to a group of nurses.

Wellness professional speaking

Wellness topics can be created to meet your needs. Healing Touch, compassionate care, mental health and the mind-body connection, caregiver stress, well-care and creating resiliency routines using mind-body practices are just a few topics I've shared with groups.  I've trained, presented and worked with different populations and audiences such as nurses, counselors, social workers, other health care providers like massage therapists, moms, dads and families.

Creating uplifting interactive group experiences, I’ve presented at health, research and engineering events and conferences (e.g. Nurses' Day at Inova Health Systems, in Virginia, ACEC in D.C. & more).

Mind-Body education, expertise & research

In fact, I’ve trained approximately 10% of the nursing workforce in Healing Touch at a Inova Health System, a multi-hospital system in Northern Virginia.  Consulting and integrating HT at the patient bedside impacts nurses both in their own well-care and in their patient-centered care.

I’ve been a content expert in ongoing and funded research studies on Healing Touch at the patient bedside with bariatric, ortho and ICU patients as well as the nursing population. It's been enriching and is adding new data to our understanding of biofield therapies.

A nurse wearing glasses providing Healing Touch to a female patient in a hospital bed.
Let’s connect

so I can create a positive experience for the people who come or collaborate on integrating Healing Touch or mind-body practices where you are.

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Lucrezia Mangione is in private practice. She is a board certified licensed professional counselor, board certified telemental health provider, neurofeedback trainer, counselor supervisor, educator, and nurse wellness education consultant. View her profile.