Scope of practice

Policy of services and conditions

I operate within a particular scope of practice which is detailed on this page.  This means that there are some mental health conditions and services I do not treat or offer in my office at Handcrafted Health. Why? Simply said, they are beyond my scope of practice requiring more resources than I have. I'd like you to know this information up front.

Free Phone Consult

It's important to work with a counselor who's a good fit for you. I offer a free 10-minute call to explore the best steps forward.  Schedule a call.

Emergency Numbers

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call:

  • 911
  • 240-777-4000: Crisis Hotline, Montgomery County, MD
  • 800-422-0009: Maryland state-wide Crisis Hotline
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline website

There are many mental health conditions and services related to mental health. There are some conditions that are optimally served by licensed professionals who specialize in them.  Sometimes certain mental health conditions require a multidisciplinary team approach. In these cases, the healthcare team and the client are in a setting where a comprehensive treatment program of interventions and intensive care is available, either on-site or nearby.  For these reasons, I do not treat or provide holistic psychotherapy, holistic counseling and services for the following:

  • Emergency care
  • Intensive or ongoing crisis management services
  • Cases involving anticipated, current, or recent CPS involvement
  • Court ordered treatment
  • Testing or evaluations, including but not limited to: Parenting or custody evals, School readiness evals, disability determinations, return to work evals.
  • Disorders involving chronic self-harm or recurrent suicidal urges
  • Borderline or other Personality Disorders
  • Chronic Psychotic Disorders
  • Attachment Disorder
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Drug or alcohol overuse or abuse
  • Anger management, as the primary focus of treatment
  • Forensic psychology and psychological services needed for legal proceedings and/or litigation
  • Couples counseling
  • Family therapy

A photo of the Vergennes Wellness Center office space circa 2003 for Handcrafted Health's scope of practice page.

Current scope of practice

Throughout this site you can learn about the populations I serve as well as my style and approach. This section covers it, too, but in an efficient and direct way.

An overview

In my private practice in my office, Handcrafted Health, I am authorized to provide services involving the application of counseling principles and methods in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and amelioration of psychological problems, emotional conditions, or mental conditions of individuals or groups.

At Handcrafted Health, I work with adults and elders providing individual psychotherapy and counseling, group therapy, coaching services and consulting services.  When appropriate in the therapeutic process and in age appropriate ways, I will offer contemplative therapies and complementary therapies as well as art-making, music and journaling as clinically indicated.

At Handcrafted Health, I also work with adults and elders who solely seek contemplative therapies and complementary therapies, as a complement to their well care and prescribed recommended health regimen.

At Handcrafted Health, I also provide consultation services for parents, business owners and organizations who are interested in learning and integrating awareness of sensory processing sensitivity, the highly sensitive adult and child, the use of mindfulness practices, mind-body skills or complementary therapies such as Healing Touch and Energy Psychology.

At Handcrafted Health, I also present and speak to groups and organizations on a range of topics that are health and wellness related such as self-care, compassion fatigue, Healing Touch, mind-body coping skills, preventative therapy and complementary-integrative therapy.

Please note that counseling services and contemplative/complementary therapies are not intended to replace any currently prescribed medical treatments as ordered by your physician(s) or other medical doctors.

The details

  1. Therapeutic orientation: Psychodynamic, person-centered, strengths-based integrative approach.
  2. Areas of specialization: Stress, anxiety, sensory processing sensitivity, illness, disease, difficult events, grief and loss, transitions/life decisions, depression, social skills and communication, coping skills, health behaviors and self care/well care for children, teens and adults and the caregiver.
  3. Treatment methods: Consultations, counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, humanistic therapies, contemplative therapies such as voice-dialogue, guided visualization, meditation, mindfulness practices, mind-body skills and complementary therapies such as Energy Psychology, Healing Touch, and Reiki.*  When appropriate in the therapeutic process, I introduce play, artmaking, music and journaling in age-appropriate ways.

* Energy Psychology, Healing Touch, Reiki are considered biofield therapy, bio-energy therapy or energy therapy. Healing Touch and Reiki are considered mind and body practices by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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