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Welcome to the section of where Lucrezia Mangione, as the single member of Handcrafted Health, LLC, offers her services as a Wellness Coach and Integrative Health Consultant (collectively the “Coaching Section”). 

Please be advised, although Lucrezia Mangione is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, she does not provide any psychotherapy services in her wellness coaching and integrative health consulting practice.  In a separate practice, Lucrezia Mangione provides psychotherapy services in the state of Maryland under her license as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  If you are a resident of Maryland and are interested in her psychotherapy services, please visit the separate section of this website that features those services.

This Disclaimer contains important information to share with you and for you to understand. Please be advised of the following:

The information contained in the Coaching Section of this website, including ideas, suggestions, techniques, articles, methods, social media postings, classes, ezines, resources, and other materials is educational in nature and is provided only as general information and is not medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, or advice. 

Transmission of the information presented in the Coaching Section of this website is not intended to create and receipt does not constitute any professional relationship between Lucrezia Mangione, as the single member of Handcrafted Health, LLC and the visitor and should not be relied upon as medical, psychological, coaching, or other professional advice of any kind or nature.   

You understand by viewing the Coaching Section of this website you will be introduced to an integrative approach to personal development and wellness that incorporates a variety of innovative energy-oriented coaching and self-help techniques within the field of complementary and alternative medicine, including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Healing Touch, and Applied Kinesiology, (collectively the “CAM Methods”). The CAM Methods refer to a variety of mind-body approaches, energy techniques, processes, and methods that work with selected aspects of the human energy system, including but not limited to, meridians, acupoints, radiant circuits, chakras, and the biofield. The CAM Methods are designed to assess where the body’s energies are blocked or not in harmony and then correct and balance the flow of these energies, thereby aligning the body’s energies to boost health, vitality, and restore the body’s natural energies.

Specifically, EFT uses the ancient Chinese meridian system with a gentle tapping procedure which stimulates designated meridian end points on the face and body while saying specific phrases and focusing on issues of emotional intensity in order to release the intensity and reframe the issues. The prevailing premise of EFT is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.  It is believed that EFT helps clear these disruptions, thereby restoring the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies. Applied Kinesiology, also known as “muscle testing” is designed to access the wisdom held in the client’s body and to identify where energy flow is blocked and to find the very best points to focus on in order to restore proper energy flow. Healing Touch is an energy technique in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being of the client. The theory of the CAM Methods is that the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies are important for physical, spiritual, and emotional health, and for fostering well-being. 

Although the CAM Methods appear to have promising mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health benefits and there is a growing amount of scientific research indicating that EFT is an effective evidence-supported technique, especially for managing stress, they have yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities. Therefore, the CAM Methods are considered experimental and the extent of their effectiveness, as well as their risk and benefits, are not fully known. Please be advised the CAM Methods are self-regulated and the state of Maryland does not license practitioners of the CAM Methods and considers them to be alternative or complementary wellness approaches.  

Any and all information presented in Coaching Section of this website, in any manner or format, does not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using such information contained herein for any particular purpose or issue. While all materials, links, and other resources are posted in good faith, the accuracy, validity, effectiveness, completeness, or usefulness of any information herein, as with any publication, cannot be guaranteed. Handcrafted Health, LLC accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the information contained in the Coaching Section of this website, including links to other resources, if any. 

By viewing the Coaching Section of this website you agree to forever fully release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Handcrafted Health, LLC, its owners, members, employees, staff members, agents, representatives, independent contractors, consultants and others associated with Handcrafted Health, LLC from any claim or liability whatsoever and for any damage or injury, personal, emotional, psychological, financial or otherwise, which you may incur arising at any time out of or in relation to your use of the information presented on the Coaching Section of this website. Lucrezia Mangione, as the single member of Handcrafted Health, LLC strongly advises you seek professional advice as appropriate before making any health decision.  If any court of law rules that any part of the Disclaimer is invalid, the Disclaimer stands as if those parts were struck out.


This website contains copyrighted material (all rights reserved). You may not disseminate, modify, copy, in whole or in part, such copyrighted material unless specifically permitted to do so by Lucrezia Mangione. No part of this Disclaimer may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, without permission in writing from Midge Murphy.


Crisis Intervention Info

IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF HELP, DO NOT ACCESS OR USE THIS WEBSITE OR USE ANY MATERIALS AVAILABLE FROM THIS WEBSITE. Instead, contact a Crisis Hotline or seek help at a hospital, emergency room, treatment center, or with a physician, qualified mental health care provider, or through a law enforcement agency or social services.

Please immediately contact 911.

Here are more numbers in the State of Maryland:

  • 211: Maryland Crisis Intervention Hotline or
  • 240-777-4000: Crisis Center hotline in Montgomery County, Maryland
  • 800-422-0009: Maryland state wide Crisis Center Hotline
  • 301-273-8255: Maryland Suicide Hotline
  • 301-840-2500: Maryland Drug and Alcohol Hotline
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline website

Please seek immediate professional help:

  • If you have thoughts of killing (or otherwise harming) yourself or others;
  • If you are gravely disabled (unable to care for yourself or those in your care);
  • If you are abusing substances or have an addiction;
  • If you or someone else is in any danger of harm;
  • If you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder or suspect you have one;
  • If you or a loved one are in need of an intervention.

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