What is RSS?

Updated 03-25-2018

What is RSS?  RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. What's an RSS feed reader?  A piece of software that helps you read info from a variety of sites. 

What's the purpose? With an RSS feed reader, you can gather information from any sites you want in order to create your own personal news feed.  It’s simple (I know this from first-hand experience), and you can modify it to suit your interests.  It’s easy to subscribe and unsubscribe, and there’s no spam. You’re in total control.

And why would you want one?  You may not need one and that, of course, is just fine.  If you do, you can save time by having info sent to you automatically rather than looking on all your favorites sites to see what's new.  This includes big sites like the Washington Post to small sites like, well, this one.

RSS is found on many web pages using the RSS icon. It’s normally orange but can come in other colors, too.  

An orange RSS button for What's an RSS? page.
A blue RSS icon

People who have RSS readers installed on their computer, phones or browsers can simply click on the RSS icon and that site's page gets fed into their personal news feed aka RSS reader feed. RSS is an easy way to get updates sent automatically to you from sites that interest you without checking them weekly.

RSS reader software: How do I get it?

Software is needed and that’s freely available.  You have two choices:

  1. Download software directly to your computer and/or smartphone
  2. Get software for your browser

For your computer and/or phone get the software at:

This is for Windows only:  RssReader at http://www.rssreader.com/  
This is for Mac: Go to the App Store where there are plenty of free RSS feed readers available

For your browser, get the software at:

Your favorite browser or Yahoo or do a search on the following “free online RSS Readers” where you’ll find more than a few choices.

What is RSS feed for Handcrafted Health’s Holistic Therapy Blog? Here you go:

This is a RSS image.

Click on any RSS button on this page OR the buttons found on most other individual pages as well.  When you do, you'll get a snapshot of all new pages and updates to existing pages here at Handcrafted Health's website.



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